Enjoy walking through a park, again

Human beings have an extraordinary skill to associate events.

Imagine that one day you’re walking through a park and suddenly you start feeling anxious, uncomfortable and nervous. You don’t know why you are feeling this, but it feels very real and unpleasant .Probably you will get back home, where the feeling will disappear and you’ll think no more about it.

However, next time you’ll think about passing through that place the same feelings may appear. You may even test if that’s true and go to the park, where indeed those sensations appear again, and they don’t disappear until you get back home.

You have associated the park with an anxious reaction, and you’ll start avoiding it. Not only in the one where all happened, but also in similar parks this feelings may reappear. Little by little you may even avoid any open big space, until one day the simple thought of going out of your home terrifies you.

That’s called agoraphobia. Fortunately, the psychologists have studied thoroughly how to treat it, and with the right procedures this fear will be a thing of the past. We encourage you to try it.


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