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Statistics show that 1 out of 3 psychology cases are related to anxiety. There is a lot of information about this phenomena, and the word “anxiety” itself has now become a household term.

But, what is anxiety? The anxious response is a sudden activation of the sympathetic nervous system that results in high heart rate, sweating, hyperventilation and shaking at a physiological level. This response is universal and usually appears in worrying or dangerous situations: when you are going to be hit by a car, when you have an important exam, when you are threatened… Anxiety shows up to help us react to those situations.

However, anxiety can become too intense, too frequent and appearing in uncalled for situations thus becoming a problem.  It can for example appear in a shopping centre , or walking through a landscape, or in your workplace. If there is no real threat and you are anxious, probably there’s an anxiety problem. If you live constantly nervous probably there is an anxiety problem. If you start avoiding doing things because of fear of anxiety showing, there’s definitely an anxiety problem.

At ITEC we have a broad experience treating anxiety cases, so we encourage you to get in touch and let us help you to overcome anxiety.

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