Carla Morales Pillado
Founder of ITEC
Associate professor (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Clinical psychologist
Collegiate member M-22572

I obtained a bachelor in psychology and I became a specialist in health and clinical psychology and in educational psychology. I have both a master’s degree in clinical psychology (UAM), and educational psychology (UAM), teacher’s training with a school counselor specialty (UAM) and a minor title as psychomotricity expert.

I work as a clinical psychologist treating adults, teenagers and children. I also collaborate as an academic tutor in a master’s degree in clinical psychology.

To me, therapy is a wonderful process, full of conscience about what you think, feel and do. Guiding this process is the main objective of my job.  Empathizing with the person’s suffering, I believe, is a must do in this job. Experiencing the growth and change trough therapy is extraordinary and a very warm feeling that encourages me to keep doing what I do.

I have been working for more tan 10 years as a psychologist in both public and private sectors. There are three aspects that I find fascinating: psychological attention to children, adults and people with functional diversity.

My professional trajectory is also related to teaching, team coordinator and I have been recently an academic tutor. All these tasks and experiences have been a complementary field of development and have helped me obtain more assets to my professional exercise. At ITEC we would like to combine these areas of knowledge as we believe that sharing knowledge and clinical research are vital aspects of a good clinical exercise.