“Love is the bread of life, you have to make it every day if you want it fresh”

Even though it may seem obvious, no one teaches you to be in a relationship; no one teaches you to be more flexible, how to solve conflicts, how to achieve an effective communication, how to keep desire high through the years, and so on. We tend to think that things are going to be ok spontaneously if love is felt, but the truth is that a couple is going to experience very hard episodes without knowing how to solve them. There are many reasons that can lead to dissatisfaction within the relationship: communication, infidelity, failing to get to an agreement in life choices, emotional dependancy, jealousy, insecurities or not having enough satisfying time with the other are among the challenges that couples can face.

Couple issues have a range of intensity: from feeling a little dissatisfaction with some aspects of the relationship to having so many problems that you can only think of a divorce. Sometimes, it has to do with someone losing their love for the other. No matter the case, couple therapy is an excellent alternative to try and solve those issues that both of you are struggling to get  through. To help you, as psychologists specialized in couple therapy, we’ll start evaluating and analyzing the reasons that led to the actual state, discussing them with you once we’ve located them. We will identify the interaction issues that should be changed and training you in some strategies to cope with the problems that you are experiencing.

The objective of couple therapy could also be to guide a person through a decision making process about divorce or managing this process and the implying changes that are going to happen.

If you feel overwhelmed by your relationship issues, we strongly suggest you to contact with an expert. Don’t think that asking for help means that everything is lost; quite the opposite, it can be the necessary step to get back to your lost happiness. Let’s get to work! There are a lot of resources and strategies to help you.

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