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Low mood –usually known as depression- is one of the main reasons people reach for help. In Spain, more than 5% of people suffer from depression (OMS; 2015), which makes it one of the most serious psychological epidemics.

Depression or low mood appears in several ways: emotional, cognitive, social, behavioural and physical. Common symptoms are sadness, unrest, apathy, feeling worthless, uncertain future, inability to solve problems, low attention and focus, crying, difficulty to feel joy, decision making issues, social isolation, sleeplessness, eating disorders… even thoughts related to suicide.

This is not a one-time or transitory problem, but rather a permanet state which results in constant and deep for those who suffer from it. That discomfort increases when not knowing what to do about it or how to stop it, but that is not your task, it’s ours.

Here at ITEC we know that every case of depression is unique. We want you to know that there are successful ways of fighting against it, that we can help you with that process, and that though the changes may seem complex and unbearable, reality may be different from that.


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