Worries can be managed

Excessive worries and anticipations are key symptoms in generalized anxiety. “What if I fail the test?”, “What if I start feeling sick outside?”, “What if i get fired?”, “What if my partenr leaves me?” … There can be as many worrying conditions as there are aspects in life: money, studies, work, love, Friends, family… even the possibility of suffering from a psychological problem. The essential issue in all of these anticipations is uncertainty, the feeling of not having control of the situation or not knowing what will happen in the future.

Many of these worries and anticipations are accompanied by control or avoidance behaviours; things that we usually do in order to gain some tranquility or to obtain control of a situation: excessively questioning, double-checking, avoiding conflicts for fear of consequences, reviewing information again and again to be absolutely sure of things… and hundreds of other behaviours to reduce uncertainty, at least in the short term, until the next worry shows up.

Generalized anxiety may come with other issues: sleeping problems, irritability, headache, muscular pain, stomach problems… It’s very common for these issues to appear due to the high level of activation that our body may be constantly suffering.

There are a lot of reasons why a generalized anxiety problem may happen. Many people tell us that their parents were extremely controlling people; others say that this way of living have been very useful, helping them cope with future issues. Whatever the case, being constantly worried is something that can be learned in a variety of ways; good news is that, if you are really motivated, follow the therapist’s instructions and are correctly guided, you can learn a totally new way of living that leaves you way more calmed and ready to enjoy life at a whole new level.


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