One of the main objectives of psychological therapy is to eliminate or ease the suffering of people, not only from a psychological based problem but also physical ones. Recently, there has been a huge development of Health Psychology; biomedical models are inadequate to explain and solve all the health issues in a complete way and multidisciplinary treatments are more and more common. Psychological factors have a huge impact not only in the onset of a problem, but also exacerbating it: stress, unhealthy habits, difficulties regulating emotions, anxiety… Furthermore, the consequences from enduring an illness usually have a huge impact on people’s wellness. Fortunately, nowadays there are effective psychological treatments available for a number of illnesses: heart problems, respiratory illnesses, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, chronic pain…
Psychological treatment may be a key to, along with medical treatment, learn how to manage the illnesses in its whole aspects: facing the diagnose, adjusting to changes, adapting to new familiar, social, laboral and sexual ways of life…


“A psychological treatment? But my pain is real!”. A lot of people that suffer from chronic pain never think about starting therapy –not because they are not going to experience many positive changes, but because they probably don’t know how a psychologist may help them. We would like to explain how: pain is a subjective and complex experience, determined by factors that are not only physical but also related to the way a person thinks, feels and behaves, the context in which they live, their personalities… This is how psychological factors affect the way we perceive pain, and through them we can modify, in many cases, the way we feel it.

Psychological treatment for chronic pain pursues:

1.Improving pain management and reducing its percieved intensity.

Inevitably, the way in which we manage pain influences its chronification, frequency and intensity, and we don’t always have the strategies or skills required to deal with something as difficult as living in constant pain. There are different psychological procedures that may rise pain’s threshold (attention, emotions, thoughts…) and there are some scientifically proven techniques aimed at reducing pain itself.

2. Improving your quality of life.

As a result of living in pain, some life aspects may be impaired. Chronic pain may be the cause of disabilities and psychological problems like depression, anxiety, couple issues, etc. Not letting pain to invade your life is a reachable and fundamental objective.

Illnesses and syndroms for which we offer psychological treatment:

  • Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Intestinarl problems: irritable bowel syndrom, inflamatory illnesses…
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatic illnesses: rheumatic arthritis, lumbalgia, neck pain…
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Cephalea
  • Oncologic pain

We consider that, besides an extensive clinical practice, health and pain problems require a Deep training and specialization and we would gladly offer that to you.

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