Manuel García
Founder of ITEC
Associate professor (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Clinical psychologist
Collegiate member M-28040

My name is Manuel García Tabuyo, and I’m fascinated by human behaviour.

I got my degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, specializing myself in clinical psychology. Later, I studied a master’s degree in ITEMA, which I consider is the best option for learning about clinical psychology. Then, I became part of the Centro de Psicología Aplicada at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I have been performing as a psychologist, team coordinator and professor.

Nowadays I’m at the head of a personal project with two associates: ITEC. We are focused on scientific psychology -be it clinical, research or training. I’m very glad for having the opportunity to create this project with two professionals like Rebeca and Carla.

Regarding my specialization, I have experience with what is commonly known as psychotic disorders, a field in which there are few master’s degrees beyond pharmacological ones. Besides, thanks to my English level I’m perfectly capable of having therapy in this language. I also have experience treating teenagers, being skilled at stablishing rapport with this population.

As I said at the beginning, I’m fascinated by human behaviour and I’m constantly trying to assess it, measure it, explain it and predict it. If you think that I can be of help, please contact me so you can find what is happening to you and what we are going to do to solve it.