At ITEC we have a broad experience treating people with mental disabilities. Although the therapeutical process is essentially the same as in other cases, the approach should also consider particularities like the nature of the person, their immediate context or the specifics of their issues. Even more than in a standard case.

Of course, the quality of a treatment deeply relies on the experience and training of the professional. That’s why we would like to offer psychological assistance to people with mental disabilities; we are eager to help you overcome your problems, or the problems of your loved ones, and we have the expertise to do it. Our aim is to give them the tools and techniques so they can choose what to do with their lives.

As the psychological wellnes of people with mental disabilities tends to be overlooked, we provide a comprehensive programme underpinned by groundbreaking research.

Common problems

Low mood
Wrath control
Low frustration tolerance
Issues regarding social interactions
Problems accepting limitations
Tantrums, fixations, obsessions…
Sexual issues
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Collaboration of parents, teachers and tutors is essential to achieve the therapy objectives.

This is not about working from a different psychological perspective, or about using different approaches; this is about adapting to the person that we have in front of us, and giving them what they need so they can be happier.

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