How to say goodbye

When you suffer the loss of a loved one it’s common to experience a transition period in which you would learn to adapt to the new situation. Your routines will change, the things you used to do together, the things you never told or did with them… It’s a normal feeling, necessary and even useful to continue life the best way possible.

However, complications may appear when after some time -usually about 3 months, but this time can of course differ depending on each persn- you feel unable to get back to your life. You are still experiencing deep sadness and hopelessness, anxiety, you don’t want to share time with others, you constantly have negative thoughts, feel wrath and a deep solitude.

At ITEC we know how to help you cope with this, and of course we know that this is one of the most difficult situations someone can experience. Let us tell help you recover your joie de vivre along with the necessary techniques to overcome the grieving process.


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