The joy of being able to stop

Biting your nails, pulling your hairs out, moving your neck all of a sudden… these are examples of nervous habits. Nervous habits are gestures, movements or actions that we usually do when we’re nervous, but not only in those circumstances. A habit is a behaviour that has been made automatic, so even if it started appearing related to anxiety they are maintained for a variety of reasons and not only show up when you are anxious, for they become kind of a “routine”.

A lot of people suffering from nervous habits not only are deeply ashamed of them, but also don’t know that there are effective psychological treatments to solve them. If this is your case, we would like to inform you that this is something we can help you with: studies show that 25% of teenagers and 10% of adults bite their nails; 15 of global population has tic; and 4% of them pulls out their hairs. Besides, it’s usual to suffer a high level of uneasiness for something that other people see so “simple”. People suffering from nervous habits are usually ashamed of showing their hands, are afraid of speaking for fear of stuttering, feel a lot of shame for not having eyebrows or don’t go to public spaces so others can’t see their tics. Some people try with pharmacological help, but even if nervousness is reduced the habit keeps appearing. Psychological interventions follow a protocolized treatment highly supported that, in a short period of time, reduces the frequency of the nervous habits and, in many cases, totally wipes it out. Please don’t hesitate and contact us if you are suffering from nervous habits.


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