The Tyranny Of Thoughts

Do you wash your hands 20 times a day? Do you need to turn on and off the light a certain number of times to be calm? Do you think that if you don’t do something a catastrophe will happen? Are you constantly assailed by thoughts of hygiene, order or death? If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, it’s highly probable that you have an obsessive problem.

The main characteristic of this kind of disorder is a recurring thought that causes unease and doesn’t allow the person to be adapted to their environment (obsession), usually followed by behaviours aimed at neutralizing it (compulsions). A classic example is someone that is assaulted by thoughts of dirtiness each time he or she touches a doorknob, a note, a button… and immediately feels the urge to wash his or her hands so the thought and the unease disappear. This can be just a momentary issue, but usually it leads to the creation of rituals repeated many times per day. At long term, the person maybe even won’t go out of their house for fear of contagion. Another fairly common example is thinking about hitting others without reason, or having inappropriate thoughts about sexual behaviour. Fortunately, psychological therapy offers a solution to this kind of problem.

As with any other psychological issue, the sooner the person asks for help, the better. This doesn’t mean that long term problems are impossible to solve, but they will require more time and effort.


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