Convenient, professional and safe.

Distance is no longer a problem to start a psychological therapy: we offer online therapy to those who, for any reason, find it impossible to have it in person, as long as the case can be adapted to this kind of format.

Nowadays it’s difficult to find a well qualified online therapy service; the more it expands, the more unqualified services tend to appear. However, for online therapy to be succesful, its rightful application requires a specialized training from those who offer it.

At ITEC we take pride on offering a high quality, responsible online therapy, and we count on a broad experience to do so.

Professionals in our center have a vast experience doing online therapy and training others to do it, so you can be sure that we provide the best therapy matching your necessities, using platforms and procedures that guarantee the security of your personal information and confidentiality, so you can safely enjoy the benefits of this method: accesibility and comfort.

Before starting online therapy you should know a little about the quality of the process. Your therapist should be ready to answer to these questions:

Is online therapy adequate to my case? Are the results going to be the same as in-person? The online platform that will be used guarantees confidentiality?