I want to live without fear

We are sure that you know what we are talking about: being afraid of something. This may be animals, thunderstorms, lightning, blood, needles, small spaces like elevators, dentists, flying, dirt, speaking in public, choking or heights, among many others.

You feel an intense, continuous and disproportionate fear in the presence of specific objects or situations, and you start experiencing physiological symptoms (high heart rate, sweating, trembling), you start thinking about negative aftermaths and, above all, you flee the situation or avoid being in the presence of that object any longer. You have not taken a blood test for a long of time, you don’t travel by plane, you cross the street when you see a dog or a spider, you don’t eat some kinds of food, you don’t take the lift and you avoid heights. Worst of all, you know that there is no reason to feel such an intense fear, that it’s not logical, but there’s nothing you can do to solve it.

Is your life limited by this? The key question is that you have associated this stimulus with a very high unrest. In this situation, it’s totally normal for you to flee or avoid something to make this unrest disappear, but this is what is making this association stronger and stronger. Fortunately, psychologists have efficient means to solve this kind of problem and, if you feel that your life is restricted by your fears, pay us a visit and start living without them.


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