No rest, no health

Sleeping is an essential behaviour. During sleep, some basic physiological functions regarding our wellness take place. The amount of sleep required is very different from person to person, and the number of hours is less important than the quality of it, letting you go through all day without feeling tired.

The onset of a sleep disorder and why it is maintained obeys to a variety of reasons; excessive worries, negative thoughts about sleep and being unable to fall asleep, stress, pain, being too much time at bed… Sometimes, sleep issues are directly related to others like depression, stress or anxiety, so it’s capital to identify if those psychological problems are the reason why you can’t sleep or if it’s the opposite.

Insomnia, difficulty falling or keeping asleep, is one of the most common and recognised sleeping problems, but is far from being the only one. Others include nightmares, night terrors, bruxism, narcolepsy or apnea. In turn, having sleep issues may lead to other disorders like focus problems, irritability, weariness and drowsiness.

We want you to know that a qualified practitioner will evaluate, orientate and treat your sleep problem is at your disposal. Regaining your sleep is something achievable and at ITEC we can offer you the right solution.


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