Knowing how to socialize with others is not easy

Some people take for granted that just for being human you already know how to socialize with others. This is not true. We, humans, learn how to interact with others through very complex mechanisms. We are not born knowing how to maintain a conversation, speak in public, ask for the bill or show some romantic interest for someone. For many reasons, someone could not learn these skills and come to adulthood, without knowing how to correctly behave with others in an acceptable social way or feeling intensely nervous while doing so. This usually leads to a lot of suffering; good news is that we can help you address it.

Social skills training is something relatively common in psychology. We can work on skills no matter how low the starting level is; for example, someone could be very social but lacking in assertiveness, or be absolutely polite but not knowing how to intimate with others or how to start a conversation. At ITEC we will prepare a tailor-made treatment for you and we will teach you the key aspects to be successful in your social objectives, increasing your well-being. Be it shyness, shame or lack of assertiveness, it’s never too late to learn how to overcome them.


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