Adolescence is a fascinating period of our lives, full of challenges for the teenager and to their families. There are a lot of reasons why a teenager or their family may ask for psychological help: disruptive behaviour, grades, extreme shyness, troubles making new friends, self-control issues, problems at home…

However, as with adult patients, it must exist total cooperation between the teenager and their therapist. If this is not the case, the solution is probably going to be impossible to achieve.

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  • Behaviour issues: violence, living together.
  • Low mood and anxiety.
  • Self-control issues: alcohol consumption, drug use, suicidal attempts, addictions.
  • Eating disorders
  • Social issues: lack of social skills, shyness.
  • School issues

As with adult patients, the desire to address this issue must come from within to experience real and long lasting results. Sometimes they will be doubtful about the idea of starting a therapy; in that case, we recommend them to attend to a session so they can see what a real psychologist looks like.

At ITEC each teenager will find a place in which they can freely express what they feel and think without being judged. Issues regarding the family will be treated as a product of the interactions between all its members, so probably all of them should work in order to solve the issues. Issues regarding other aspects will be treated with the utmost privacy, unless the teenager grants explicit permission to the therapist to talk about it with others or if it implies some kind of risk to him/herself or others.

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