ITEC is a psychology center located in Diego de León neighbourhood, in Madrid. You can reach the clinic both via public transport or by car. There are several car parkings at hand should you require them.

Our team of psychologists has a wide experience in the clinical field and a sound academic background so we can offer you a specialized psychological attention with the highest quality standards.


Our first steps as professionals were as clinical psychologists. We have always been interested in human behavior. We know that being clinical psychologists was the best life option we could have chosen when we participate and experience the change for the better -be them adults, teenagers or children; or when any of our clients feel how they have overcome their fears or insecurities; and also every time they achieve happiness through their effort.


For us, it is essential that practice is underpinned by groundbreaking theory so we can offer you an effective therapy. We are concerned not only with the procedures that grant the best results, but also with the knowledge about why the tools we apply, work.


We believe that being aware of the latest advancements in research and being a specialist in a field are fundamental aspects of a good psychologist. We at ITEC enjoy teaching what we do best to anyone that has an interest in psychology.